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Murder of Susan Smith

Susan Smith was an American FBI informant. Daniels became the first known victim of an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation after being strangled to death by her lover, Mark Steven Putnam.

The Carroll Shelby Story

The Carroll Shelby Story is a memoir by Carroll Shelby published in 1967 by Pocket Books. The book is a revised and enlarged version of The Cobra Story, covering the Cobras successes in 1965 and 1966, as well as including technical specifications ...


"Heavenly", a song by Pale Waves from the 2018 EP All the Things I Never Said "Heavenly", a song by The Temptations from the 1973 album 1990 "Heavenly", a song by The Dandy Warhols from the 2003 album Welcome to the Monkey House

Ulagam Sirikkirathu

Ulagam Sirikkirathu is a 1959 Indian Tamil language film directed by R.Ramamurthy, written by Lakshmi Krishnan and produced by R.T.Govindhan. It features M. R. Radha,Prem Nazir,R. Muthuraman,Sowcar Janaki in key roles.

First impression

Prima facie First impression law, legal term for a the initial presentation to a court of a particular question of law, or b a case which sets forth a completely original issue of law for decision by the courts First impression psychology, a term ...

Jingle (disambiguation)

A jingle is a memorable slogan, set to an engaging melody, mainly broadcast on radio and sometimes on television commercials. Jingle or jingles may also refer to:

Bernard Jackson

Bernard Jackson Arena football born 1980, fullback/linebacker for the Kentucky Horsemen Bernard Jackson quarterback born 1985, former quarterback for the Colorado Buffaloes Bernard Jackson defensive back 1950–1997, American football player

Pearly Gates (disambiguation)

The pearly gates are a conceptual entry to Heaven in Christian mythology. Pearly Gates may also refer to: Pearly Gates guitar, a 1959 Gibson Les Paul owned by Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates, an American film by Scott Ehrlich Pearly Gates Channel, a n ...


ORAC or Orac may refer to: Orac MD program, a classical molecular dynamics program for solvated biomolecules Orac Blakes 7, a fictional computer from the science fiction television series Blakes 7 Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporation ...


Cassidy DC Comics, a vampire from the graphic novel Preacher Charles Parnell Cassidy, a fictional premier of New South Wales in the novel and TV film Cassidy Cassidy, role played by actor Sam Slovick in the television show Fame


David Dunlap Observatory Catalogue, a catalogue of dwarf galaxies that was published in 1959 Distant detached objects, class of minor planets in the outer reaches of the Solar System DDO gene, that encodes the D-aspartate oxidase enzyme Dynamic D ...


Wattenberg or Wattenburg may refer to: Wattenberg, Colorado, also spelled Wattenburg, in the United States Wattenberg Gas Field, United States Wattenberg Habichtswald, a mountain in Hesse, Germany Wattenberg, Austria

Bluefish (disambiguation)

Bluefish Communications, consulting company acquired by Vodafone Global Enterprise Bridgeport Bluefish, a defunct baseball team in Connecticut, United States BlueFish TV, non-profit Christian video publishing company Bluefish company, executive c ...

Motown (disambiguation)

Motown Software also known as Motown Games, a mid-90s video game publisher Motown Museum, a museum located in the former music studio known as Hitsville U.S.A. de Passe Entertainment, a film and television production company known from 1968 to 20 ...


Parent Teacher Organization, organization that consists of parents, teachers and school staff Patent and Trademark Office disambiguation, a government office that handles the issuing of both patents and trademarks Public Telecommunications Operat ...

Briar Rose

Briar Rose, a pseudonym used by Princess Aurora in Walt Disneys 1959 film Sleeping Beauty Briar Rose, a pseudonym used by Princess Raisa in The Seven Realms series of novels by Cinda Williams Chima Briar Rose Ibara, a character in the anime show ...

False start (disambiguation)

False Start band, a band from Auckland, New Zealand False Start album, a 1970 album by Love "False Start", a song by Bikini Kill from Reject All American

Tarek Eltayeb

Tarek Eltayeb is an Egyptian-Sudanese writer. He was born to Sudanese parents in Cairo. He has been a resident of Vienna since 1984, where he studied at the Vienna University of Economics. He now teaches at university level. As a writer, he has p ...

Mary Murphy

Mary Murphy may refer to: Mary Murphy basketball, American basketball analyst Mary Murphy choreographer born 1958, American choreographer, reality TV show judge Mary Murphy actress 1931–2011, American actress Mary Travers journalist Mary Travers ...

Baby talk (disambiguation)

Infantile speech, a speech disorder Baby language, the language of babies Babbling, a stage where an infant utters sounds of language, but not yet any recognizable words

Retro Computer Museum

The Retro Computer Museum is a museum in Leicester, England dedicated to the benefit of the public for the preservation, display, and public experience of computer and console systems from the 1960s onwards.

Tain (disambiguation)

Tain River, Ghana Tain railway station, Tain, Scotland Tain Way, a long-distance trail in County Louth, Ireland Tain Burghs UK Parliament constituency, the historic district of Burghs constituency in Scotland Tain, Shekhawati, a village in Rajast ...

The Good Guys

The Good Guy, a 2007 thriller novel by Dean Koontz Good Guys Brust novel, a 2018 novel by Steven Brust The Good Guys comics, a comic book series that was published from 1993 to 1994 The Good Guys, a novel by Salvatore Bonanno, Joseph Pistone and ...

Shangri-la (Antarctica)

Shangri-la is a small, secluded valley area in the McMurdo Dry Valleys completely isolated by mountain peaks. It is located immediately south of Joyce Glacier and Pewe Peak. Penance Pass connects it to Miers Valley. The valley was named by person ...


Dermacol is a Czech personal care company founded in 1966 in Prague. It is the leading Czech manufacturer and seller of make-up and decorative and skin cosmetics. In the 1960s, the company introduced one of the first make-up covers in Europe and ...

Amir Alagic

Amir Alagic is a Bosnian professional football manager and also Australia Citizenship.who is the head coach of the Sri Lanka national football team.

Rose Island

Rose Island Georgian Bay in Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, Ont. Rose Island Peterborough-Hastings Counties a small farm community on the Peterborough-Hastings County boundary north-east of Chandos Lake, Ont. Rose Island Lovesick Lake in Lovesick Lak ...


Lopesi may refer to: the former name of Katarraktis, a mountain village in Achaea, Greece Lopesi Faagu born 1960, weightlifter from American Samoa In biology: Pegoscapus lopesi, a species of fig wasp in the genus Pegoscapus Ischnochiton lopesi, a ...

Russian destroyer Admiral Spiridonov

Admiral Spiridonov was a Project 1155 Fregat Large Anti-Submarine Ship, known in the west as an Udaloy -class destroyer. The ship was named after Emil Spiridonov, a Soviet admiral who died in 1981. Launched in 1984, Admiral Spiridonov served in t ...

St. Joseph Church

St Josephs Church, Southampton, Hampshire St Josephs Church, Dorking, Surrey St Joseph and St Francis Xavier Church, Richmond, North Yorkshire St Josephs Church, Highgate, London St Joseph Church, Roehampton, London St Josephs Church, Aldershot, ...

Terrorism in Bolivia

Terrorism in Bolivia has occurred since the 1960s and continues sporadically until the present. A number of bombings targeted public places, such as bank branches,ATMs, commercial institutions and interests generally leaving material damage.


Physical Layer Pipe PLPs, specified in the DVB-T2 and ATSC 3.0 broadcasting standards Packet Layer Protocol, a network layer protocol PL/P, a programming language


Harney, Minnesota, an unincorporated community Fort Harney, a former U.S. Army outpost in Oregon Black Elk Peak formerly Harney Peak, highest mountain in South Dakota Harney County, Oregon Harney, Nevada, an unincorporated community Lake Harney, ...


Drenovo may refer to: Drenovo, Sofia Province - a village in the Kostinbrod municipality, Sofia province In Bulgaria written in Cyrillic as Дреново Drenovo, Blagoevgrad Province - a village in the Petrich municipality, Blagoevgrad province Drenko ...

Ye Aung

Ye Aung is a Burmese military officer and incumbent Minister for Border Affairs of Myanmar and sits on the National Defence and Security Council.


Dreeg, Nuremberg Dreck or Nuremberg Dreeg is a card game that is described as "a special Franconian form of Sixty-Six with the wonderful name of Nuremberg Dreck." It is the most common variant of Sixty-Six in the Franconian region of Bavaria, Ger ...

Sheikh Rahman

Sheikh Rahman is a Bangladeshi-American politician who has served in the Georgia State Senate from the 5th district since January 14, 2019. He is the first Muslim lawmaker in Georgia.


Anita or ANITA may refer to: Anita given name, people with the given name Anita Anitta singer born 1993, Brazilian pop singer Anita singer born 1960, Austrian singer who took part in the 1984 Eurovision Song Contest


Astron may refer to: Van Hool T917 Astron, a coach body the fourth month in the Shire Calendar Astron Ltd, a Chinese-based manufacturer and distributor of zirconium-based chemicals the Mitsubishi Astron engine Astron ship, a Russian cargo vessel ...

Flight 901

Flight 901 is an airline flight number that has had multiple crashes over the years. As so, the designation may refer to: Air New Zealand Flight 901, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 collision with Mount Erebus, Antarctica, on 28 November 1979, 257 killed ...

Michel Gallimard

Michel Gallimard was a French publisher. Michel Gallimard was a nephew of Gaston Gallimard who considered him his spiritual son.

Communities of People in Resistance

The Communities of People in Resistance were the communities uprooted by the Guatemalan Civil War that were isolated in the jungles and mountains of Ixcan, in the department of El Quiche, since the early 1980s and reappeared in the public light i ...


United States Loma, Nebraska Loma, Montana Loma, North Dakota Loma, Colorado Other countries Loma woreda, a district in Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region, Ethiopia Loma Jandaha, a village in Vaishali, Bihar, India Loma Mountains ...

Roberto Martinez (disambiguation)

Roberto Martinez Uruguayan boxer, represented Uruguay at the 1960 Summer Olympics Roberto Martinez Honduran boxer born 1966, represented Honduras at the 1988 Summer Olympics

The Book and the Sword (disambiguation)

The Book and the Sword may refer to: Emperor and His Brother, a 1981 Hong Kong film Princess Fragrance film, a 1987 Hong Kong film The Book and the Sword 1960 film, a 1960 two part Hong Kong film The Book and the Sword, known as Shu Jian En Chou ...

Mountain Road

Mountain Road may refer to: A mountain pass A mountain trail Mountain Road Lottery, a lottery by George Washington and others in 1767 The Mountain Road, a 1960 war film Mountain Road Iceland, a type of road in Iceland


Syahrul was an Indonesian politician, teacher, and member of the Great Indonesia Movement Party. He served as the Mayor of Tanjung Pinang, and capital and second largest city in the Riau Islands, from September 21, 2018, until his death from COVI ...


Gash may refer to: Gash River or Mareb River, flowing out of northern Ethiopia Gash, Hormozgan, a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran Gash EP, an EP by Pram "The Gash", a song by The Flaming Lips from The Soft Bulletin Gash Foetus album, 1995 Gas ...

Alan Bestic

Alan "Sammy" Bestic was an Irish journalist. The author of several books, including The Importance of Being Irish, he became best known for having ghostwritten the memoirs of Rudolf Vrba, who escaped from the Auschwitz concentration camp and co-w ...

Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven TV series, a 1997–2000 television series based on the 1960 film "Magnificent Seven", a 1993 episode of the Fox Network sitcom Married. with Children. "The Magnificent Seven" Supernatural, a 2007 episode of the television series