ⓘ Victoria Cross (disambiguation)


ⓘ Victoria Cross (disambiguation)

The Victoria Cross is the highest award for gallantry awarded to members of the British and Commonwealth armed forces.

Victoria Cross may also refer to:


1. Film

  • The Victoria Cross: For Valour, a 2003 BBC television historical documentary
  • The Victoria Cross 1912 film, an American film biography of Florence Nightingale
  • The Victoria Cross 1914 film, a British silent film by Harold M. Shaw
  • The Victoria Cross film, a 1916 American silent film by Edward LeSaint

2. Places

  • Victoria Cross Ranges, a mountain range in Alberta, Canada
  • Victoria Cross, Prince Edward Island, a neighbourhood in Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Victoria Cross, Cork, a neighbourhood adjacent to Wilton, Cork, Ireland
  • Victoria Cross railway station, a proposed railway station in North Sydney, Australia