ⓘ Lone Tree


ⓘ Lone Tree

  • Lonetree, Wyoming
  • Lone Tree, Iowa
  • Lonetree, Montana
  • Lone Tree, Missouri
  • Lone Tree, Oklahoma
  • Lone Tree, Indiana
  • Lone Tree Corners, Illinois
  • Lone Tree, Colorado

1. Townships or municipalities

  • Lone Tree Township, Minnesota
  • Lone Tree Township, Merrick County, Nebraska
  • Lone Tree No. 18, Saskatchewan
  • Lone Tree Township, Clay County, Nebraska
  • Lone Tree Township, Clay County, Iowa

2. Monuments and cemeteries

  • Lone Tree Cemetery, Fairview, California, Fairview, California
  • Lone Tree Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery, Heuvelland, Belgium
  • Lone Tree Monument

3. Creeks

  • Lone Tree Creek, San Joaquin County, a stream tributary to the San Joaquin River, in San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County, California
  • Lone Tree Creek Colorado, a tributary that joins the South Platte River in Weld County, Colorado east of Greeley

4. Other

  • Lone Tree Ferry, a historical ferry in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Lone Tree Community School District, a public school district based in Lone Treet, Johnson County, Iowa, USA
  • Lone Tree Brewery, an Israeli brewery in Gush Etzion