ⓘ Nothing to Hide


ⓘ Nothing to Hide

  • Nothing to Hide: A Dancers Life, the autobiography of Robert La Fosse
  • Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff Between Privacy and Security, a book by Daniel J. Solove

1. Film and TV

  • Nothing to Hide 2018 film, also known as Le Jeu, a 2018 French film directed by Fred Cavaye
  • "Nothing to Hide" Heroes, an episode from the first season of the television series Heroes
  • Nothing to Hide 1981 film, a 1981 adult film directed by Anthony Spinelli

2. Music


  • Nothing to Hide album, a 2000 album by the band In My Eyes
  • Nothing to Hide, a 2005 album by JD & The Straight Shot


  • "Nothing to Hide", a 1971 song by Tommy James
  • "Nothing to Hide", a song by Pussycat
  • "Nothing to Hide", a song by Harpo
  • "Nothing to Hide", a song by Chris Montez

3. Other uses

  • Nothing to Hide campaign, a 2009 TV advertising campaign for Air New Zealand
  • Nothing to Hide, a 2013 video game prototype by Nicky Case
  • Nothing to Hide magic show, a theatrical magic show created and performed by Derek DelGaudio and Helder Guimaraes