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ⓘ NextDNS

NextDNS Inc. is a DNS resolver based in California, USA that allows users to filter traffic using blacklists. It was founded by two French-Americans: Olivier Poitrey, the Director of Engineering at Netflix and Co-Founder of Dailymotion, and Romain Cointepas who was previously Head of Mobile & TV at Dailymotion. It provides native applications for most platforms, all of which transfer the DNS query using DNS-over-HTTPS. NextDNS claims are true supporters of the net neutrality and Internet privacy" and positions itself as a privacy-focused public DNS resolver. The service is often compared to a hosted version of Pi-Hole.


1. Features

The NextDNS system is built on an anycast network so the response to a query is returned as fast as possible, much like many other public DNS resolvers including Cloudflare and Google Public DNS.

The user can select from a list of popular ad-blocking, malware, tracker, phishing, and crypto-mining lists. The list is open source for the community to add and modify. To save the preferences, a user may optionally create an account to manage the configuration and settings on another device.

Controls to keep query logs are available, and there exists an option to not log queries at all, in which the queries are deleted as soon as they reach the server and not logged to disk.

The service is currently free to use during the beta period, but after it will require a subscription after a certain amount of queries.

Some features that are advertised on the home page have not been released.


2. History

May 2019: Initial launch with support for list-based blocking as a public DNS resolver.

August 2019: Added support for a modified version EDNS0 Client Subnet ECS that keeps queries private.

November 2019: Added support for blocking trackers that use CNAME Cloaking.

December 2019: It was announced Mozilla would add NextDNS as a Trusted Recursive Resolver TRR for its Firefox browser in an upcoming release.

February 2020: NextDNS was included with Firefox 73 as an optional DoH provider, alongside the default Cloudflare resolver.

April 2020: Announced log storage in different jurisdictions including: United States default, European Union, and Switzerland.