ⓘ Aero A.42


ⓘ Aero A.42

The Aero A.42 was a Czechoslovakian bomber aircraft of 1929 that was only ever produced in prototype form. For its day, it was an advanced design, with a sleek monoplane configuration. However, the Czech Air Force was not satisfied with it for a number of reasons. In particular, the aircrafts take-off and landing rolls were felt to be excessively long, and crew complained about the cramped cabin. The air force suggested a set of modifications to Aero, including replacing the wooden wing with a metal one, but Aero discontinued development.

September 20, 1930, one of the two prototypes set international speed records on 253.428 km / h 1.000 km 620 Mi closed circuit, a carrier with a payload of 500 kg 1.100 kg and 1000 kg 2.200 pounds.

One prototype was used by the Czechoslovak air force before 1938, and then by the Slovak air force. Probably it was canceled in 1940.

A. 42 was a single-engine high-wing cantilever monoplane with fixed landing gear.

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